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TheeonlySpongeman reviews Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (X360)

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TheeonlySpongeman said...

Ah Lost Planet. Probably one of the earliest games that came out for Xbox 360. In fact, I believe it was a launch title if I'm not mistaken. Anyways, the review....

Lost Planet is a 3rd person shooter, and the basic story is that your on a frozen wasteland of a planet, the earth becoming overpopulated so you and your little group go to this planet hoping to find someplace more inhabitable. And it is!..... Only one problem, giant bugs and aliens also have taken this place as their home.

The story starts out pretty intense, but then begins to grow mellow over time. But in the end, it's back up to the climax and the story picks right back up again. This isn't a game so much for storytelling, but it has enough to give you the basic idea of what the problems are and what the character is going through. Your also fighting 'snow pirates' people who have branched off and done their own thing, and they usually fight you with mechs. Luckily, you get some too.

Health :Probably one of my biggest issues is the health. In this game, you have a limited supply of thermal energy, which is used as health in this game. Over time or when hit by an enemy, it starts to lose energy. Although they give you energy from killing monsters, on the harder difficulties this becomes a problem as your health constantly falls so fast, plus the enemies do even more damage. So instead of feeling like a shooter, it feels like a race at times. But luckily, again this is only an issue in the harder difficulties.

Story: As I said before, the story is rather lackluster and you hardly grow to care about the characters at all. They have bland voice acting and it constantly gives the same plot twists of being betrayed. It reminds me more of a soap opera rather than a movie. Luckily, explosions and giant bugs liven up the movie cinematic scenes.

Some Cheap Enemies: Sometimes the enemies are just cheap, constantly hitting you with explosions or things that knock you off your feet, and by the time you get back up they've already blasted you with another one. But hey, can you blame them? You can take a rocket to the face and get right back up. What kind of person can honestly take a rocket to the face? You can.

Default Control: At first, you might need to adjust to the controls. I usually would find myself throwing grenades instead of reloading, or using the grappling hook when trying to switch guns. Luckily this is easily solved with other given control schemes.


Action: This is an INTENSE game. Everything is blowing up, enemies are everywhere and there never seems to be a calm moment in this game. Your fighting almost all the time. And for a game like this, that's what you usually wanted. In a couple spots, sometimes it seems like nothing is happening. Oh... heh.. trust me something will.

Bosses: I love the bosses in this game. I've always honestly believed that bosses are supposed to feel overpowered and strong, so when you do beat them you feel so accomplished. Sometimes the boss weak points are obvious, usually the bugs. The robots sometimes it's more hard to determine, one boss in particular that I fought. What appears to be the weak spot actually has nothing to do with where your supposed to hit him. But it's not too difficult when you figure this out. The bosses are HUGE. Sometimes they take up half the screen, making you feel so tiny and weak, making the victory that much more meaningful. Intense, huge, and strong. The way bosses should be.

Mechs: I honestly am not a fan of robots, like Gundam and stuff like that. But here, it gives you a variety of mechs and is actually quite a big part of the story. If your a mech nerd, this game won't make you sad.

I love this game. I still have it and haven't traded it out. Plus the price? The lowest I've seen was 6$ brand new, at the most 15$. For this game, that's a must buy.

Game Traits applied to Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (X360) by TheeonlySpongeman

  • The Setting:
    wasteland, snow
  • Playing As:
    Mech pilot, mercenary
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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Third-Person 3D Shooter
Release Date: 12/JAN/07
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